15 Ways Authors Can BOOST Book Sales – Part 1

  1. Authors Increase Book SalesDetermine and understand your customers. Understanding the demographics of your target market plays a key role in increasing your sales. Research to determine who your potential customers are and the best means to reach them.
  2. Contacting media and bloggers. Start communication by email. Keep your message short and sweet and use bullet points. Do not send any attachments. Instead, provide the following relevant information:
    1. a short introductory sentence showing you are familiar with their work,
    2. the ideal audience for your book,
    3. holiday pricing,
    4. special incentives – gift wrapping, personalized signature, etc.,
    5. links to major retail sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), etc.
    6. short author bio and testimonials,
    7. email address, telephone number, offer to send a pdf copy of your book.
  3. Use your blog. Writing content that attracts readers is a known strategy for selling books all-year-round. Create holiday or top ten and how-to lists as well as information about your characters, and other interesting material to draw more readers to your site. Readers visit your blog because they want to know more about you, the author and the story -- the books. Blogs can keep current subscribers attentive, attract new readers and reviewers, and showcase interesting information about your newest book.
  4. Increase your web site visibility. You don’t want visitors to see an outdated design, a mixture of fonts, broken links, blurred pictures, slow loading speed, or glaring spelling errors. After checking these elements, consider adopting a unique or signature color scheme to stand out from other authors and booksellers. For instance, if your book talks about nature, you might choose the best pictures or images related to nature. If your book targets young people, the latest bright-fashioned-forward color will do.
  5. Create a gift package which includes your book(s). Make your book part of a gift pack by combining it with something else. This will work if you are giving something nice like a paperback as a gift rather than a hardcover. For instance, combine your book with a pair of tickets to a nice local movie chain. Or, you can add a gift card to a nice restaurant or bookstore. A good package could include a box of chocolates and your book. Consider selling the entire package or partnering with a reliable local vendor or non-competing author. Include your novel in their gift package.

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What methods are you using to reach your target audience and promote your books? Share some of your success stories with our readers.

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