15 Ways Authors Can BOOST Book Sales – Part 2

15-Ways Authors Boost Book Sales

In Part 1 of 15 Ways Authors Can BOOST Book Sales, we covered several ways authors identify their target audience, reach media representatives, and use their website and blog when promoting their books.

This post provides five more examples of methods authors use to increase sales through making contacts and promoting their books.

6. Contact local media. First, identify and then develop a relationship with local media, including radio, newspaper and TV reporters and bloggers that cover your topic.  Learn the demographics of the audience and write a good press release that makes it clear what you are announcing and describes the news value of your story. Find an angle that hooks the interviewer and will benefit their readers or viewers. Pitch articles, interviews and relevant blog posts, often.

During the interview, give the listeners or readers a reason to visit your website. Offer a nice give-away; something they can only get on your website and have to provide their email address to receive.

7. Create a promo kit.  A press kit is a compilation of information about you and your book that can be distributed quickly. It includes information such as: author bio, graphics, images, links, excerpts, testimonials, editorial reviews, and sample Facebook shares and Tweets, that can be sent to bloggers, retailers, event planners, editors, anyone who might take an interest in an author or the topic of the book.

8. Update your email signature. For every email you send, ensure that you include your book titles and where people can buy them or find out more information e.g. Amazon.com links or specific pages on your blog or website.

9. Focus on add-on and up-selling sales. This is also a good marketing strategy that can help boost your book sales, especially if you are an indie author. Determine what other merchandise you can be combine with your book for sale. Add-on selling helps increase the value of a given offer. You can also consider up-selling.

10. Sell on Amazon.com. People buy lots of books and spend a great deal of time on Amazon.com. Authors should promote links that send prospective buyers over to their Amazon or Barnes and Nobles book page.

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What methods are you using to reach your target audience and promote your books? Share some of your success stories with our readers.

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