9 Book Launch Party Success Tips (Part 3)

fun book launch partyIn Part 1 and Part 2 of this book launch party success series we covered goals, strategies and provided 4 tips you can implement to help you reap your desired results. Below are 5 more tips that can help you achieve those goals.

  1. Create a Fun Atmosphere. Encourage attendees to take lots of selfies, theme-based pictures and videos. Encourage guests to take snapshots associated with the theme props to share on social networks. Make the event an interactive, memorable experience that excites people. Photos and videos are worth a thousand words and word-of-mouth buzz leads to increased sales. Video record portions in five minute segments to include on your site. People love videos! Make sure you have links going back to your site. Note: You may want to have a release form ready for attendees to sign providing authorization to post their material without asking for compensation.
  2. Offer Add-ons and Incentives. Offer attendees a price break for multi-copy sales and cover sales taxes (if applicable). Provide door prizes, signed copies of the book and other event-related gifts and raffles. Ask for swag/donations from local vendors who share the book’s target market. Visit small business and invite them to take part in exchange for signage and promotion at the event. You can also make contact with perspective vendors using social media such as Facebook.
  3. Easy, Convenient Buying. Have plenty of cash available to make change. Register with Square or Paypal for a free reader than can process credit card payments on the iPhone, iPad or Androids. If accepting checks, make sure you have appropriate contact information in case you receive a bad check. Make sure your book is available onsite, in stores, online and through special orders.
  4. Maximize Guest Participation. Make endorsement easy and accessible. Setup computers and post signs asking attendees to post a review on Amazon. They can also mention the book and event on social networks. Attendees can use the computer to recommend the book to friends via email or instant message (include a link to the book sales page). Note: You can make this process easy by crafting the text (FB post, tweet, email or IM) and providing 3 options to choose from.
  5. Launch Companion Virtual Event. In consideration of your online community, conduct an online book launch that runs 24-48 hours. Consider offering mini-classes in a password protected area on your site. You may also conduct an online contest. Each option will be accessible regardless of the participants’ geographic location.

You may have thought once you finished your book that you’d done the hard work. In one way that’s true. Now a new phase of hard work begins as you let your target audience know your book is available.  A well-planned book launch can jumpstart sales. It can be the launching pad for increased local exposure and online connections.

Finally, remember to thank your guests for coming and how you appreciate their support.

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