12-Week E-Newsletter Campaign

Authors can use an e-newsletter to launch their new #book launch #marketing campaigns. This series of tips covers a 12-week program, that can engage subscribes, increase readership and pump up sales! Details about the entire campaign are available in this month's issue of Book Marketing Mag.  Download today! (http://bit.ly/BMM22)

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6 No Cost Ways Authors Can Promote and Market Their Book

There are many ways authors can reach their target audience. Some easier than others, with many being no or low cost. An author’s promotion and marketing mix may also include high cost activities. Whichever route you choose, or combination thereof, an author should not give up if one or two methods don’t work. “Drop it…Continue Reading

5 Important Factors Authors Should Consider When Developing Their Book Plan

You’ve thought about it and stressed over it, and finally made the decision. It’s time to write the book that’s been floating around in your head. You know your knowledge and experience will help others, and putting it on paper…or computer… is the next step. Authors usually write in hopes of reaching as many readers…Continue Reading

How Authors Can Increase Productivity and Simplify Their To-Do List

The book is done. Now, you must market it. Marketing a book can consume a lot of time, requires concentration and focused productivity. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to take advantage of all the opportunities. An author can take steps to increase the amount of time for focusing on important book marketing-related…Continue Reading

Social Media Time Savers

Spending too many hours each day handling social media-related tasks such as posting, responding to mentions, curating content, creating graphics, etc. can be a nightmare. Scheduling is important because it allows you to reach your targeted audience, even when inconvenient. For instance, if you get sick or super busy, are unavailable to post at a…Continue Reading

5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

Often, authors don’t realize that friends, family, business associates, etc., can play a major role in promoting their new book. And, friends, family, and supporters do not understand how their help can assist in the author’s achieving bestseller status. Ms. Penny Sansevieri, Marketing Expert and regular BMM contributor, shares 5 ways readers can help promote your…Continue Reading

How an Author Become a LinkedIn Superstar

Many authors are familiar with LinkedIn, an online social network for business professionals. As a subscriber, authors can use it to reach their niche-specific, targeted audience, showcase their expertise, take advantage of networking opportunities and sell more books. The numbers back it up! LinkedIn’s network of subscribers reaches around the globe and includes unlimited industries, specialties,…Continue Reading

Book Marketing Strategy for Authors

Your book is done. You ask yourself, “What’s next?” Oh my, you have no strategy! It doesn’t matter if you want to market your book to a small group or a large audience. It’s important to have a clear plan and implementation strategy. Jennifer Wilkov, Book Marketing Mag contributor and marketing consultant offers three strategy-building rules:…Continue Reading

Hot Button Issue – Amazon Pulls Book Reviews

Book Marketing Mag is launching a new “Bulletin” series entitled Hot Button Issues – covering a burning subject that readers should be aware of quickly. The first topic in this bulletin is: What to Do When Amazon Pulls Book Reviews Penny Sansevieri, a BMM contributor and president of A Marketing Expert, contacted an Amazon.com representative…Continue Reading