Guest Posts


A popular strategy used by authors to market their new book is guest posting. The author will make a special appearance as a guest blogger on a popular blog. As a guest, he will have a chance to talk more about his book.

While doing so, he will not only be selling the book to his followers, but also to the fans of the blog where he is making the appearance. The best results usually come from sites that fall within the same niche or genre.

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Call to Action

Always include a Call to Action such as: come back for the next installment, join your elist, purchase the book from your sales page, or ask them to share your links with their associates and friends.

Virtual Book Tour – Placing Ads

In the traditional setup, an author promoting a book has to rely on banners, posters, flags and other physical media. In the virtual world, authors can rely on cheap and reliable resources. The tour can consist of using adverts such as screen pop-ups and banners. People visiting a site learn about the book when the…Continue Reading


Book trailers and talking head videos are two additional tools in a writer’s arsenal. If well planned, these visual presentations attract more views and tend to stick in our minds much longer. In many instances, they are as effective as blog posts, articles, and use of other social media platforms. Authors can create a short…Continue Reading

Organized Social Media Chats

  An author may create a book tour across their social media platforms. You may choose a specific time to present content about your book, respond to questions and ask for followers views on the topic. You may also visit Facebook groups like your niche or topic, and host a Q&A session. Post a question…Continue Reading



Before the advent of the Internet, authors relied on seminars and book signings to launch and market their books. The same principle applies online. Webinars are seminars hosted over the Internet and can serve as another type of virtual book tour. Webinars help authors create a personal connection through one-to-one interaction. By hosting a webinar,…Continue Reading

Book Reviews

Visibility is important in a marketplace flooded with books. Book reviews, especially positive one, helps books get seen and can lead to increased interest by other reviewers. One of the more effective methods of increasing sales is if the very important “word of mouth” sales force kicks in. That’s friends recommending your book to other friends,…Continue Reading

VBT Combined with Amazon Bestseller Campaigns

VBT Combined with Amazon Bestseller Campaigns

The purpose of hosting your virtual book tour as an Amazon bestseller campaign is to increase Amazon sales rank and to generate a huge amount of sales within a short period of time. Authors business associates and joint venture partners can support the book tour by donating a free item/gift (training program, downloadable pdf., video…Continue Reading

One-hour Pre Book Launch Teleseminar Event

The goal of a one-hour pre-book launch teleseminar is to promote your book launch event with a gala announcement to a large audience. Inform your friends, colleagues, community and networks. It can be a huge, powerful tool in promoting your book. A one-hour teleseminar also provides opportunity for an implied endorsement by an industry expert.…Continue Reading

Multi-day, Multi-blog Virtual Book Tour

Virtual blog tours (Type 1) talked about hosting your book tour on your own website. The next type of tour (Type 2) describes a tour blitz, where all the scheduled stops are done on the same day, preferably at the same time. Today’s tour (Type 3) is a multi-day, multi-blog event. The author decides the number…Continue Reading