Hot Button Issue – Amazon Pulls Book Reviews


Book Marketing Mag is launching a new “Bulletin” series entitled Hot Button Issues – covering a burning subject that readers should be aware of quickly. The first topic in this bulletin is:

What to Do When Amazon Pulls Book Reviews

Penny Sansevieri, a BMM contributor and president of A Marketing Expert, contacted an representative about its book reviewer guidelines. This individual identified five (5) reasons a review may be pulled from an author’s page. Below is one of Amazon’s responses:

Friends and family: Amazon considers friends and family to be biased reviewers, and, if they can make a connection between you and your reviewers, they will pull those reviews. This means that while it’s great to encourage friends to review your book, if a connection can be made Amazon will pull the reviews they posted. While you may find this unfair, I do understand Amazon’s stance on this. They want reviews that are authentic. We all do. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family will post glowing five-star reviews that just say: I loved this book! Without a detailed explanation as to why. Glad they loved it, but let’s build out this review so it’s not just one or two nondescript sentences. This also isn’t helpful to future readers who may be considering your book *and* while none of us likes 2-star reviews, keep in mind that a book page with all 5-star reviews is regarded as suspect. There’s nothing wrong with asking these folks to review your book, but they must write a review that has substance and doesn’t flag them as friend or family.

The representative also described additional reasons a review can be pulled. They include:

  • Submitting book reviews from the same IP address.
  • Sketchy/Questionable reviews.
  • Amazon Algorithm changes.
  • Giving Gift Cards in exchange for reviews.

Having Amazon pull a review does not have to mean that the review is gone for good, sometimes it’s a situation that’s easily fixed.

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