How an Author Become a LinkedIn Superstar

LinkedInMany authors are familiar with LinkedIn, an online social network for business professionals. As a subscriber, authors can use it to reach their niche-specific, targeted audience, showcase their expertise, take advantage of networking opportunities and sell more books.

The numbers back it up!

LinkedIn's network of subscribers reaches around the globe and includes unlimited industries, specialties, individuals interested in your unique subject matter. For example, its membership comprises of:

  • More than 347 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
  • 107 million subscribers in the United States alone.
  • 42 million unique mobile visitors each month.
  • Opportunity for extended visibility for professionals (authors) looking to establish themselves as experts.

Caitlin Thayer, social media expert and BMM contributor, reports that LinkedIn allows registered members to establish and document people they know and trust professionally. She describes how its features can also be a powerful tool in an author's marketing tool kit.

The LinkedIn profile

There are numerous changes a LinkedIn subscriber can make to enhance their profile. Ms. Thayer makes the following recommendations:

1. Upload a recent photo of yourself. It should be a head and shoulders photo so people can see what you look like. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional photographer.

2. Change your Tagline (the little headline underneath your name) to be something fun! Let our personality shine.

3. Update your Summary to be less like a cover letter on a resume and more about your personal and professional interests. Envision it as your 30 or 60 second elevator speech.

4. Get creative and add a background photo! This is a new feature (like a Facebook cover photo).

5. Add rich media to profile to showcase expertise (video, images, documents, SlideShare).

After updating your profile, check your work experience and education. Make sure it is up-to-date and talks about what it is that you do.

Ready to make connections?

Connect with everyone you know: current and past colleagues, your editor, publisher, and other authors. Don't forget your friends and family.

Endorse your first line connections. Endorsements are an easy way for you to recognize other's skills and expertise, without taking the time to compose a recommendation.

Share updates, which will show on your News Feed but not your profile. They could be news about upcoming book tours or signings, articles, and other material related to authors or the industry. Posting updates will build credibility and a following.

Join groups, post Discussions, ask questions and add comments. In other words, interact with other members and make connections. Remember to share your expertise! These steps can lead to developing relationships and eventual book exposure.

Check out LinkedIn's newest feature called Pulse, which works like a blog. If you write articles, you can publish them on Pulse and readers can find and follow articles, based on their interests. They can also follow people and get notified when someone publishes.

LinkedIn lets subscribers post information about awards, recognitions received, etc. Individuals can choose from a free or paid account and reap benefits of visiting the platform 15-20 minutes a day.

It's a great business platform where authors can make connections with their target audience, increase exposure and market their books, products and services.

Call to action:

Have you joined LinkedIn? Has your membership helped you expand your network and impacted your book promotion campaign? I'd love it if you'd leave a comment and let me know how you're using LinkedIn to build powerful networking connections and to sell your book.

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