How Authors Can Increase Productivity and Simplify Their To-Do List

everything-to-do-listThe book is done. Now, you must market it. Marketing a book can consume a lot of time, requires concentration and focused productivity. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to take advantage of all the opportunities.

An author can take steps to increase the amount of time for focusing on important book marketing-related tasks.

For instance, you can unsubscribe from email lists that you no longer read and delete half of the bookmarks you frequent. You should also shut down email for a few hours, so you can concentrate on tasks and increase productivity.

My next suggestion is to identify the time you have the most energy and work during those hours.

With this new found free time, an author can brainstorm and create content for promotion on social media platforms. You can also prepare material for press events, speaking engagements, video presentations, webinars, seminars, etc.

To-Do List

We may not think so, but many entrepreneurs believe their “to-do” list is an important part of their daily routine. In reality, it’s not important that you, the author, have created a “to-do” list, what’s important is what’s on that list!

A“to-do” list can be long and arduous. That’s why it’s important that authors identify the most important responsibilities and focus on them first.

Normally, when we create a to-do list we cram as many tasks as we can think of on it. We just don’t want to forget anything. While it’s good to have a daily, weekly, monthly list, some productivity experts suggest its best not to have too many items on it.

Why? Because the longer the list the less likely you will complete it.

Fighting Overwhelm

Call it human nature or whatever, but the more on the list the less you feel compelled to complete it. That leads to what I would call another “overwhelm day”. You feel you have too much to do -- with not enough hours in the day -- resulting in accomplishing little.

To overcome this recurring situation, I recommend the following:

  • Identify just one crucial task per day – one that needs completion no matter what.
  • Identify 2-4 more side tasks you can finish after you have completed the crucial one.
  • Don’t do anything that won’t help you get closer to your goals.
  • Do not add more tasks after you’ve completed the initial set.

There are many tasks, while necessary to fulfill your goals, that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant. For instance:

  1. Transcription of interviews, videos, etc.
  2. Social media platform postings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  3. Research for new content and associated graphics, subject matter influencers, organizations to pitch presentations and book sales.
  4. Creation and posting of blog content.
  5. Setup profile, Kindle Publishing, etc.
  6. Administrative tasks associated with book tracking and sales, etc.

Also, there are countless tools to make you more organized, more efficient, and more productive.

  • Evernote – Stay organized everywhere.
  • Todoist – Manage tasks across devices.
  • Custom Gmail Stars – Red exclamation point for important/undone; Green check for important/done; Blue star for keep for later.
  • Sanebox for Personal Gmail – Everything important goes into your inbox, while everything else is automatically routed to other folders.
  • Feedly – One place to read and manage blogs and news sources.

Another popular tool is Trello, which is a project management solution. Trello is simple to use and has just enough features to make it valuable.


It's pretty simple! Set your priorities, simplified your daily to-do list, and delegated responsibilities to your VA. By doing so, you can overcome overwhelm, increase productivity and focus on preparing materials for your successful book marketing campaign.

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