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In a recent BMM Hot Button Issues article C. Hope Clark states, A book review is both an art and a science. It is a reflection on the book, the author, but also on you, the reviewer. A good book review depicts an intelligent individual, and the quality depicts an ability to write. A bad book review might demonstrate that the reviewer isn’t the deepest well when it comes to IQ, and that his opinion isn’t worth two cents if his words are wrought with errors, slang, phone-speak or poor phrasing.

She also provided 3 helpful tips for authors interested in becoming reviewers:

BOOK REVIEWERS TIP #1: Give the reader a concise summary, offer a critical assessment (good and bad), and end the review with a suggestion as to whether the audience would enjoy the book.

BOOK REVIEWERS TIP #2: Reviews don’t have to sound purely academic. You can do reviews awash with humor or sarcasm or dark slaps, creating a "voice" for yourself.

BOOK REVIEWERS TIP #3: Become known for your reviews and you not only receive reviews, but you might wind up as a paid reviewer, or as a minimum have a blog with advertisers knocking on your door.

Ms. Clark goes on to say that, "Writing that shines in a review might be enough to convince someone to buy your book, consider your pitch, or sign you up for a gig. You recognize good writing, therefore, you’re someone who might just be able to write."

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