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The Importance of Marketing Your Book (Part 1)

Marketing ConceptWriters know the importance of plot, conflict, setting, character, grammar, syntax and all the other elements that form a good story. If done right the final product is a book the writer is proud of and readers enjoy.

To make a book profitable though, marketing is just as important. If a book is not promoted, the potential reader will miss it or pass it by. Just writing the book is not enough; it’s actually just the beginning.

By marketing their book(s) authors become known to their audience in stages and should lay the foundation for promoting their book months in advance; just so you know, selling books isn’t about selling books. It’s about tribe building, networking and creating word-of-mouth for your book – so it sells itself.

Let’s assume you have a brand and a good book with a great cover. You’re ready for your book launch. In preparing for the book launch, the writer’s website, media kit, Amazon Profile Page and collaterals (book marks, pens, post cards, etc.) are created.

Then there is the public relations aspect to consider. Remember book marketing is all about getting the word out about the new book and generating publicity. As part of the marketing plan, the author (and his or her promotional team) should create press releases, send out review copies, perhaps write articles if there is a subject matter incorporated in the story, and submit the book for the various awards available.

Next there is the area of building a rapport with the writer’s audience. The interaction between the author and the fans is key because without the fans there would be little to no book sales. To paraphrase Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, “I know without our fans and the devotion of our fans we wouldn’t be here.” The same goes for writers, for without an audience (fans) there would be no book sales.

In Part 2 of this series, we will present different methods of promoting your book, on and offline, and Part 3 will explore developing a promotions and marketing time table.

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