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The Importance of Marketing Your Book (Part 2)

importance of marketing your bookIn Part 1 of this series, we discussed how writing a good story is important. To successfully write a good story it’s important for the author to research what they are writing to develop the characters using description, setting, dialog and many other factors.  However that’s only one necessary aspect of creating and selling their book.  Marketing is as important as the each of the above, and in some experts’ opinions more important.

The following is Part 2 of the Importance of Marketing Your Book series.

Writers utilize numerous ways to build rapport with their audiences, such as an email campaign, penning a weekly ezine or newsletter, posting on their blog, which they update frequently, and perhaps participate in radio podcast interviews.  Each of these methods can be significant tools authors would use to begin building their following.

Another component of your marketing process is developing (or expanding) your social media presence. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goodreads, local book clubs, online communities and groups, etc., are ways to reach out to a massive audience of individuals interested specifically in your genre or subject matter.

Another often overlooked method of spreading the word about your book is participating in live events, either virtual or in person.  By doing so, the author can put a face to the name and the story. There are numerous avenues, depending on the kind of book written (fiction or non-fiction) available to garner more exposure.

Traditional and Virtual Book Launches

A traditional book launch is one such method.  It could include readings at local bookstores, clubs and libraries, or setting up a table at  industry or subject matter-related trade shows. Traditional book launches can encompass numerous promotional opportunities such as news media interviews, book reviews by local reviewers, community paper profiles and press releases. A successful book launch can yield positive response during other events, such as teleclasses, seminars, speaking engagements and exhibits (such as a book fair). All these activities provide opportunities for the writer to meet fans that up until now have only ‘met’ the author on paper.

A virtual book launch can also be an avenue for success. The author could visit numerous genre-related or expert blogs and participates in Q&A’s, describe central characters and how and why they are a part of the storyline, preview chapters and conduct readings, host Google Hangouts on Air and Twitter chats describing the marketing journey, and so much more.

Utilizing Popular Selling Platforms

Of course, let’s not forget the granddaddy of online book marketing, Amazon Bestseller campaign, iBookstores, NookPress, Kobo submissions, free book promotion sites, and other facilities to broaden your exposure, increase market share and sales. With the right amount of preparation, creativity and effort, an author can market their book(s) successfully, across all platforms.

Part 3, the final article in this series will cover developing a promotions and marketing timetable and obtaining the right help throughout the process.

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